I have used the new Oasis® Rainbow Foam in this design for the first time. This is an exiting new product, which comes in several different colours, such as lime green, pink, mauve, yellow, blue and cream. The design possibilities using this foam are endless, as the foam actually becomes part of the finished design (no having to make sure you've covered the foam - this is supposed to show!). In this design, I have used the yellow foam. (See closeup detail below.) I've used a blue glass plate-like container which has a brass pedestal. The foam sits on the plate, and is fixed with two large plastic foam frogs (like a plastic pinholder with four prongs). You can't use pot tape with this foam, as it would completely spoil the effect! I've added a ring of Hedera helix 'Buttercup' leaves, which vary in hue from pale green through yellow, lime green and deep green. Then four large roses were inserted, very short and sitting on the foam. Four more were inserted higher up, and four more at the full height. To bring the colour of the container through the design, and to add rhythm and texture, I've added some deep blue ting-ting (a kind of twisted cane).

Design 86
Design 86 - detail of the foam

A closeup of the foam, showing how it is not necessary to cover it, as it becomes part of the design, forming a block of colour.

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