I have made this arrangement in an unusual container, which is galvanized, but the top part of it is basket work. I've used a mixture of different flowers and foliages in a pink, white and blue colour scheme, grouped, and arranged in an upright style. For the height, I've used white Matthiola incana (Stocks), with a shorter group of these on the left hand side of the design. A group of pink and white Roses comes down through the centre of the design. White Lilies are arranged low down at the front, with another placement on the left-hand side. A group of Hyacinthoides non-scripta (Bluebells) brings in a touch of blue, echoed on the opposite side by a group of blue Ajuga reptans purpurea (Bugle). Foliage used is Heuchera 'Pewter Veil', and Heuchera 'Can-Can', with some large green Hedera canariensis foliage. On the right I have used some Paeonia (Tree Peony) foliage, which has a lovely pinky-grey tinge. On the left of the design, I have folded and looped some Phormium tenax 'Maori Sunrise' leaves (see detailed picture, below). Finally, I've wound some silver bullion wire through the design, to pick up the silver of the galvanized container. All the foliage was from the garden, and all the flowers were from the florist, except the Bluebells and the Bugle, which were from the garden.

Design 87 - detail of the folded Phormium leaves

A closeup of the folded Phormium leaves, also showing the pretty blue form of the Bugle flowers.

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